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Avicenna’s Predictions Concerning the Link Between Spirit and Nutrition

Avicenna’s Predictions Concerning the Link Between Spirit and Nutrition

Avicenna’s Predictions Concerning the Link Between Spirit and Nutrition

Even though a thousand years have passed since Ibn Sina took his last breath, he still continues to teach all humanity. Ibn Sina, who discovered insurmountable methods for healing the human body with his studies in the field of medicine during his lifetime, has been the most respected scientist both in the Islamic world and in the West for centuries. As a sign of respect, I devoted a long chapter of my book, A Natural Medicine Dream, to him. However, no matter how much one explains Ibn Sina, it still remains incomplete. Let’s understand the importance of nutrition together with Ibn Sina’s observation regarding the bond between the soul and nutrition.

The story goes that one day, a young man living in a village in a distant land begins to see himself as a sacrificial bull. Thereupon, his family consults the doctors and teachers they find. The family, which obeys exactly what is said, cannot find a solution to its problems. A traveler tells the family about Ibn Sina, whose hopes are about to end. Thereupon, the family found Ibn Sina after a long journey and explained the situation. Ibn-i Sina said, “Now you sleep in the inn tonight, tomorrow there is a butcher in such and such a place. “I will be there too, bring your son.” says. The night ends, and as the new day greets people, the family goes to the town mentioned by Ibn Sina. Ibn Sina became a butcher there and was cutting meat with a cleaver in his hand. The family said, “Butcher sir, this child thinks he is a sacrifice, will you slaughter him?” they say. Thereupon, Ibn Sina comes to the young man and examines all his limbs. In fact, he is doing an examination. He says to Ganja, “You are too skinny, you cannot be sacrificed. Go and feed yourself well for a month and come back. I will accept you as a sacrifice.” The young man is happy, the family returns to their village confused. That young person who eats little begins to eat a lot. As he eats, his consciousness opens and his soul finds peace. When they come to Ibn-i Sina a month later, the young man is not a sacrificial bull, but a young man like a young man. Avicenna laughed and said, “Do you still have the idea of being a victim?” he asks. Young man: “No, I came to my senses.” says.

In this case, Ibn Sina determined that the condition that disrupted the young person’s mental balance was undernutrition and treated it with regular nutrition. He left this as an example to some of today’s sullen doctors by using a method that the patient would not refuse.

As Ibn Sina taught us, nutrition is a very important factor in our lives, both physically and spiritually.