There are 3 rhythms in the body. Heart rhythm, breathing rhythm and cranial rhythm. Any negative situation that affects the person also affects this rhythm and creates a restriction in cranio-sacral movement. CST can regulate the body’s cranial rhythm, release these restrictions in the depths of the body, and activate the body’s self-healing mechanism. It helps to mobilize and balance the fluid in the body, to eliminate the negative effects on the central nervous system, and to relax the muscles and soft tissues. It is a deep and versatile healing method that affects the deep-seated causes of ailments, both physical and psychological, and aims to release them. The person integrates with himself, the body balance is provided, the immune system is strengthened, the mind-spirit-body integrity is ensured. The duration of this session, which is done with gentle and soft touches in a quiet, calm area, is 1 hour.

These studies are not intended as stand-alone treatment or therapy. It can show protective effects if people do not have health problems, and can be supportive in the healing process if they have health problems. Because our bodies keep track of everything and create blockages in everyone in some way. As these blockages are released, positive changes and transformations can be observed in the physical and emotional health of the person.