Joint fluid injection minimizes patients’ complaints by supporting the joint in cases of joint calcification, which means loss of fluid in the joint. This procedure, which is performed by applying hyaluronic acid into the joint, can be applied to almost any joint. This application, which protects joints such as knees, hips and shoulders, is also very effective in repairing joint cartilage. In addition, it also helps reduce pain in the joints.

Scope of application

People working in heavy work
People who are overweight
Those who consume less water
People who move less
People with excessive physical activity
People with calcium deficiency
People with arthritis problems

These studies are not intended for treatment or therapy alone. It can show protective effects if people do not have health problems, and if they have health problems, it can be supportive in their recovery process. Because our bodies keep track of everything and create blockages in everyone in some way. As these blockages are released, positive changes and transformations can be observed in the person’s physical and emotional health.