It is a massage therapy method applied on muscles and fascia, which we call soft tissue. Fascia is a holistic network that supports all systems in the body and communicates with each other. When it loses its healthy state due to our modern, sedentary lifestyles and psychological/emotional suppressions, it dries up and clings to adjacent structures, limiting movements, obstructing blood circulation and dividing energy flow. With the MER session, muscle tissues and fascia become more flexible, fluid and lively from a stuck, stuck state. Thus, the body regains its normal balance, mobility and energy flow. Session duration is 90 minutes.
We only work with women.

These studies are not intended as stand-alone treatment or therapy. It can show protective effects if people do not have health problems, and can be supportive in the healing process if they have health problems. Because our bodies keep track of everything and create blockages in everyone in some way. As these blockages are released, positive changes and transformations can be observed in the physical and emotional health of the person.