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Cupping that is not applied by a doctor or natural medicine physician brings disease, not healing.

Cupping that is not applied by a doctor or natural medicine physician brings disease, not healing.

Cupping that is not applied by a doctor or natural medicine physician brings disease, not healing.

In Germany, cupping is legally prohibited for people other than doctors and natural medicine physicians, and serious penalties are imposed on those who practice it. On this subject, German Lawyer Michael Dligatch’s article titled “Invasive kosmetische Behandlungen erfordert ärztliche Approbation oder Heilpraktikererlaubnis” clearly reveals the decision of the Cologne Higher Regional Court on this issue:

“In its decision 5 U 126/18 of 13 May 2020, the Higher Regional Court of Cologne confirmed that invasive cosmetic treatments can only be carried out by persons holding a medical license or naturopath license in accordance with the law on alternative practice. For many treatments that do not, at first glance, have a “medical” background, the person administering these treatments needs either a medical license or a permit under the Alternative Practitioners Act. The reason for this is Article 1, Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2 of the Law on Alternative Practitioners. Accordingly, anyone who wants to practice medicine without being a doctor must obtain a permit (Alternative Practitioner Law Chapter 1 Paragraph 1). The practice of medicine within the meaning of the Alternative Practice Act is “any professional or business activity performed to diagnose, cure or alleviate disease, suffering or physical injury in human beings, even if performed in the service of others” (Section). 1 Paragraph 2 Alternative Practitioner Act).”

Those who do not want to experience legal grievance on this issue can access the entire article from the link in the bibliography.

What is cupping?

Cupping is a natural medicine therapy in which a specialist doctor or natural medicine physician places cups on certain areas of the body or makes small incisions to draw blood from the body. The areas where cupping is applied are shoulders, back and head. Such a special therapy is only beneficial when applied by competent hands and to the right areas. Otherwise, people seeking healing may contract worse diseases. Cupping, especially when performed in unhygienic places called under stairs, invites infectious diseases. The complications that can occur when a procedure such as taking blood from the body is performed by someone without medical training are countless. For this reason, the operation to remove dirty blood from the body parts I mentioned above should be performed by doctors and natural medicine physicians when deemed appropriate.

History of Hacamat

Since the day humankind existed on earth, diseases have existed on earth with it. Physicians who want to combat these diseases have developed treatment methods according to the geography they live in and the structure of the societies. Cupping, one of the oldest forms of treatment in history, has a history of approximately 5 thousand years and not only the public but also many emperors, kings and khans have been treated in this way. The first source in which cupping was recorded in writing belongs to Ancient Egypt. Named after George Ebers, who discovered papyrus, and dating back to B.C. Cupping is mentioned in the Ebers Medical Papyrus, dated to the 16th century. This papyrus is the oldest source in which ancient Egyptian medical practices are noted and is preserved today in the Leipzig University Library. The papyrus is full of such surprising information that it shows how advanced Ancient Egypt was in medicine. The papyrus explains basic information about the circulatory system, that the veins surround the whole body, and that blood is pumped by the heart, as well as treatment methods for many issues, from crocodile bites to scorpion poisoning. The mention of cupping in the Eber Papyrus shows that cupping was also used in Ancient Egypt. Additionally, Hippocrates, who is considered the father of medicine by the West, also mentions cupping in his works.

In addition, it is stated in Islamic sources that our Prophet, who is a guide for us Muslims, had cupping done and has hadiths about cupping:

“The best way to have blood taken is cupping. (or cupping is your best treatment method).” (Bukhari, Medicine 13; Muslim, Musakat 62, 63; Ebû Dâvûd Nikah 26, Medicine 3).

Against which disorders is cupping applied?


Intestinal and digestive system disorders

Pain in the musculoskeletal system

chronic fatigue

Edema and inflammations

Rheumatism and arthritis

Stress-related pain

Sleeping disorders


What are the benefits of cupping?

It strengthens the immune system and helps the body gain resistance.

It supports the elimination of toxins and heavy metals accumulated in the body.

It helps resolve edema.

It is effective in relieving pain.

It increases oxygen and stimulates the organs responsible for blood production.

It regulates blood flow and supports balancing blood pressure.

It helps revitalize brain functions.

It supports the treatment of chronic diseases such as psychological diseases, liver and joint pains, lumbar and neck hernias, and heart diseases.

It is also effective in increasing the visual function of the eye.

It is also effective in cases such as headache, loss of attention and forgetfulness.