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Pervitin: The Dark Side of Medicine

Pervitin: The Dark Side of Medicine

Pervitin: The Dark Side of Medicine

Throughout history, humankind has progressed step by step in many areas and reached today. Today, almost everyone thinks that the most advanced technology in human history has been reached today and that we are the people who live the most comfortable lives in history thanks to this technology. But does technology bring happiness and benefit people? Both futurists and social scientists conduct in-depth discussions and put forward ideas on this subject. However, a monopoly and hegemony emerged in the field of medicine, where I was educated and where I served people, especially since the end of the 18th century. Of course, the abuse of medicine cannot be for the benefit of humanity. So how can medicine be abused?

The most terrible and incredible example of this is Eugenics practices. This idea, put forward by Francis Galton, was discussed in many scientific circles, and unfortunately, these people who called themselves scientists made eugenics more than an idea, but practical. Eugenics is a definition that Galton derived from ancient Greek, meaning “born well”. According to this definition, the human race can be separated and improved according to its characteristics. What we call reforms are terrible practices. Although almost everyone thinks of Hitler’s Germany when eugenics is mentioned today, the country that implemented eugenics and created its infrastructure is America.

Henry Fairfield Osborn, who is one of those who used evolutionary biology, a theory supported by scientific evidence and a fully scientific one, for their own racist ideologies, stated in an article titled “The Evolution of Human Races” that the mental age of an average black person is only equal to the intelligence of an eleven-year-old child belonging to the Homo sapiens (modern-day human) species. It was written that it can be reached.

More recently, eugenics has been practiced in the United States.

With a law passed in the state of Indiana in 1907, mentally disabled, deaf or blind people began to be forcibly sterilized. A similar law was passed by the states of Washington and California in 1909. In 1927, mentally retarded people were sterilized in the state of Virginia. The law remained in effect in many states of America until the 1960s. In total, 67,000 people were sterilized.

(Source: Wikipedia)

While these incredible practices were being implemented in America, after Hitler came to power, he took this project in line with his own perverted ideas and combined it with the master race project. To create Übermensch (superior race, superior human), men and women who met certain conditions were brought together on farms and their mating was ensured by the state. On the other hand, orphans with disabilities, psychological disorders or other conditions were being sterilized or thrown out of society. The next stage was concentration camps and massacres. The fact that almost all of those who perform these practices have worked in the field of medicine and have a diploma is one of the best examples of the dark side of medicine. However, in Hitler’s Germany, a drug that was claimed to give strength and vitality to soldiers was also invented.

When Pervitin began to be distributed to German soldiers in World War II, the pills actually eliminated the feeling of fear, hunger and fatigue, enabling Hitler to carry out his operations, which he called lightning. Thanks to Pervitin pills, which were also used in the Polish invasion, the soldiers did not feel hungry, did not get tired and were able to carry out the operation for days. However, shortly after this invasion, heart attacks and forgetfulness in the soldiers assigned to occupy France stopped the distribution of the pills for a while. The interesting thing is that this drug, whose active ingredient was a substance used in drug production, was also addictive. After all, the situation of those who used this drug after the war was truly terrible. Of course, similar drugs were also used in the armies of England, America and Japan during the same period.

Although Pervitin is a simple example, if no one in the broad spectrum of medicine had served these dark ideas, perhaps millions of people would not have lost their lives. Hitler is, of course, the greatest tyrant in history. However, many of the projects implemented by Hitler were moved to America after the war, when the people in charge of those projects were captured, and the fact that the doctors and scientists who were especially involved in studies on mind control also served Hitler is one of the best examples of who controls medicine.

Even if people produce weapons for defense, no nation that cannot protect its health can survive. That’s why natural medicine continues to be the hope of humanity today, as it has been for thousands of years, with its chemical-free special medicines and natural treatment methods.

Natural Medicine Specialist – Hülya Giebel 30.04.2023 – Wassenberg