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Homeopathy Therapy and Its Origins

Homeopathy Therapy and Its Origins

Homeopathy Therapy and Its Origins

When we look at the origin of the word, homeopathy, which emerged as a result of the combination of two words in Greek, is a method frequently used by natural medicine experts today. As the words “homoios” (similar) and “pathos” (disease) suggest, homeopathy can simply be defined as the application of substances that cause disease in the body, in low doses and diluted, to the patient for treatment purposes. Homeopathy treatment, which was first put into practice by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th century, targets the treatment of the patient not only in the area causing the discomfort but also emotionally and mentally. For this purpose, Samuel Hahnemann used chemical-free medicines obtained from plants, mineral extracts and animals (bees (apis), snakes (lachesis)).

It should be underlined that although it is called alternative medicine, natural medicine therapies were accepted by the WHO (World Health Organization) and were applied by experts trained in this field to patients who did not want the application of medical methods or found them inadequate. They are the most well-established treatment methods dating back to 4 thousand years. Among these therapies, German-born Doctor and Chemist Samuel Hahnemann, who is considered the inventor of homeopathy, which has been practiced for more than 200 years, actually found this treatment method in the immortal works of Ibn Sina that defy the ages. German Doctor Hahnemann, who is known to have benefited greatly from the works of Hippocrates in some sources, declared this new principle of natural medicine as a result of 50 years of study, after long readings and compilations, and it aroused great repercussion. This natural medicine treatment, which was approached with concern at first, soon spread all over the world, from America to India, and prejudices were broken, thanks to the meticulous work of Doctor Hahnemann’s students. However, what should be known and remembered is that the support came from the British Crown. The first homeopathy hospital was opened in London in 1806 with the support and order of the Royal family, and the Royal family has used this treatment for three generations.

To give a simple example of homeopathy treatment, an individual who is treated with completely natural homeopathic medicines obtained from the essence of a plant that causes burning and pain on the skin, will no longer be exposed to burning and pain. Doctor Samuel Hahnemann, whose basic logic is that whatever makes a healthy individual sick will also provide treatment for that disease, uses substances that are essentially the same for the healing of the body. In the homeopathic approach, the aim is not to immediately stop and eliminate the patient’s complaints, but to completely heal the body and soul.

Of course, the treatment process is preceded by the diagnosis process. The natural medicine specialist performs a detailed examination and examination to understand the disease that has not healed before or has recurred. At the same time, the process of emergence of the disorder and what other disorders are added to it in this process are learned. Then, a number of important issues are listed, from the patient’s lifestyle and nutrition to sleep patterns. The specialist determines the diagnosis and treatment method based on this information. Of course, if the disease is not a significant disease that cannot be detected manually or visually, it is necessary to use laboratory examination and imaging systems.

While Doctor Hahnemann had more than 100 homeopathy medicines in the early stages when he developed his treatment method, today there are more than three thousand homeopathy medicines used against many ailments. These medicines, which are based on plants and minerals, should not be mixed with chemical medicines. They are special mixtures that are completely diluted and reconstituted. These drugs, which are specially inspected and standards set in Europe and America, are known as remedies. The degree of dilution in the production of homeopathic medicines is potency. Natural medicine specialists can apply these drugs in different potencies depending on the patient’s condition.

In light of all this information, homeopathy is an extremely special treatment method that requires expertise. Only experts trained in this field can apply this treatment method and prescribe the drugs used in this treatment.

I wish you healthy days.

Emine Hülya Giebel / 20.08.2022 / Wassenberg