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“Choosing to Die” and What the “Sarco” Euthanasia Machine Makes Us Think

“Choosing to Die” and What the “Sarco” Euthanasia Machine Makes Us Think

“Choosing to Die” and What the “Sarco” Euthanasia Machine Makes Us Think

We are mortal creatures. From the moment we are born, death follows us like a shadow as our brother until the day we fall. There will come a day when our lives will come to an end, young and old, without listening. However, despite all the difficulties we experience, our joy of life and desires that connect us to life make us who we are. Diseases are warnings that remind us that we are helpless. This consciousness gives people determination and starts to fight against diseases with the help of doctors. However, western civilization, which has exhausted all its values, has managed to take away people’s dignity in death, let alone an honorable life.

When I first watched the 2011 BBC documentary “Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die”, I thought it was a new lie of the British, who are famous all over the world for their lies. However, when I examined the case, I saw that British millionaire businessman Peter Lawrence Smedley, who was 71 years old and suffered from motor neurone disease (MND), actually chose euthanasia with his own consent. Even hearing this is a situation that one has to think about for a long time, but in exchange for an agreement at the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland, one of the richest men in the world drinks the medicine given to him by the clinic employee and walks to his death.

Euthanasia; Assisted suicide is legal in some states in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, Spain and Australia, while it is also legal in Switzerland. Taking advantage of this freedom, Smedley said, “That’s all I have!” instead of facing the pain and fighting. And he went to his death in front of the eyes of the whole world. What is more frightening is that he was able to record it second by second and broadcast it under the name of a public television (BBC) documentary. The concept of man’s alienation from humanity must have been recorded precisely to describe this situation.

Although this is the point reached by Western civilization, which sees the world as a place to live only as long as it is healthy and in good spirits, the main issue that needs to be discussed is that medicine applies this path to people. What sanity and conscience would it take to promise humanity a fake immortality with the GENOME Project, while encouraging people to walk to death under the hand and control of a doctor?

In this world where thousands of diseases occur and cures are found over time, how can a doctor tell his patient, “Don’t suffer, die if you want.” can you say? What if a cure for that disease will be found one day, one month, one year later?

A miracle of technology invented in Switzerland before the impact of this incomprehensible event was over! It was reported in the newspapers that 1330 people died in one year. The Sarco euthanasia device, which was the subject of TRT News with the title “1330 people committed suicide with the Sarco suicide machine” in Switzerland, is designed to enable people to die at their own will, without the help of a doctor! Although the use of Sarco was legalized in Switzerland at the beginning of the year, it is terrible that there were such a high number of deaths as a result of its use until April. Before deciding to perform this procedure, the following legal cover was made up: The patient is suffering from an incurable disease, there is no other way to relieve the pain and suffering, the euthanasia decision is not made by the patient with a sudden decision but is taken with his free will. Source

Sarco Makinası

While we are all tested by simple ailments from time to time, some of us fall into the clutches of diseases that cause great pain. It was like this in the past, it is like this now, and it will be like this tomorrow. Since no one is permanent in this world, how will that psychological threshold be maintained? So how can it be acceptable for anyone who says they can’t stand the pain to kill themselves? Of course, it is not humane to belittle any pain, but the unstoppable spread of diseases in the last century necessitates us to look at the cause of diseases.

Although it is said that diseases have started to increase due to eating habits, the biggest trap humanity has fallen into is actually starting to eat GMO products. Genetically modified organism means taking a food and making it different from what it is. Humanity has not prospered since the genes of foods were modified. While more durable and more productive foods are about to arrive, plants are now being brought to an end. Since this is not our topic, I want to get to this point without dwelling on it. People live life with the genes they inherit. In other words, we have already become resistant to the harmful substances in the foods we have been eating for thousands of years. However, if you manipulate their genes, no one could and could predict what kind of diseases we would encounter.

At this point, the second trap for humanity is being prepared with the GENOM Project. Those who want to make immortal humans real by detecting and changing people’s weak genes in the near future by replacing the organs made with 3D printers with the original ones are the greatest enemies of humanity.

Human beings came from the soil and are a part of nature. Nothing artificial can replace the original. Just as modern medicine cannot replace natural medicine, which it calls alternative…

I wish you a healthy life.

Natural Medicine Specialist E. Hülya GIEBEL

WASSENBERG 05.07.2022