How does a natural medicine professional benefit you?

I am pleased to increase your quality of life by applying alternative and holistic healing techniques I have learned for years.

Nutrition Strategy

It gives healthy eating strategies for both body and mind.

Exercise Routines

It helps you to plan your body care and exercise regularly.

Individual Support

Only by closely identifying specific treatment methods will follow.

First Hand Advice

Thanks to a wide range of experience, you are always there to help.

Latest Assay Technology

Accurate diagnosis is the most important element for successful treatment.
In this context, we obtain accurate and fast results with the latest assay technology.

Articles and News

Boel’s Modern Acupuncture Therapies (MAB)

Danish-origin Prof Dr John Boel was not taken seriously in the medical world in 1983...

Boel’s Modern Acupuncture Therapies (MAB)
Article 2
Article 2
Article 1
Article 1

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You can contact me for detailed information about therapies and fees.