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Why Natural Medicine and Why Hülya Giebel Health Center

Why Natural Medicine and Why Hülya Giebel Health Center

Why Natural Medicine and Why Hülya Giebel Health Center

Don’t be too modest, they’ll think it’s real! Proverb

The result of unnecessary humility is listening to advice from a fool! Ibn Khaldun

The most harmful behavior for a person is self-love and self-glorification. However, behavior contrary to this would be cruelty to oneself. Because of too much modesty, the achievements of natural medicine have become almost unspeakable today. Moreover, natural medicine, which is being ignored step by step, has been detached from the fact of being the root of medicine and has been fit into a funny definition such as “alternative to medicine”. It is necessary to say the last thing to say from the beginning that “natural medicine” is not an alternative to anything, on the contrary, it is the essence of medicine and all the roots of the medical tree are nourished by natural medicine.

Although it makes us proud that people seeking healing reach us not only from Germany, where our Health Center is located, but also from the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as from all over Europe and our homeland, Turkey, this is not enough. In Sufism, the philosophy of those who made nine when they could have made ten was engraved in the hearts of many. With this philosophy, we are working with all our strength to be a means of healing for all humanity.

Our main basis in these studies is that we do not attribute more power to ourselves than we already have and that we believe that the truth will tear down all walls. First of all, by correcting the most basic known mistake, “Why Hülya Giebel Health Center?” Let’s start by answering the question. Contrary to popular belief, health centers do not only serve people who have lost their health. In our opinion, the first issue that people should be aware of in the field of health is to protect the body before contracting diseases or illnesses, just like the walls that protected the cities in ancient times. The way to do this is to strengthen the immune system. At Hülya Giebel Health Center, we examine the body resistance, strengths and weaknesses of the body of our clients or patients, thanks to Timewaver and Bisocan, which are products offered by the latest technology. Thanks to this data, we prepare special natural medicine cures and special natural serums to strengthen the immune system and follow them step by step to strengthen the body.

One of the thoughts that needs to be corrected in the field of health is the perception of a physician as a superhuman being, regardless of his name. This idea is poisonous and poisons the minds of both patients and doctors who fall for those who give them these titles. For example, while a young man may fall ill and die due to a simple flu, a person in his eighties may overcome cancer. The fine line here is called “expiration of the term” in Sufism. In other words, every individual who reaches the end of the life given to him in the world of causes takes his last breath, regardless of his situation.

“Allah does not postpone the death of anyone when their time comes.” Surah Al-Munafiqun, Verse 11

Well, in this case, if a person is going to die no matter what, shouldn’t there be treatment?

“Allah Almighty has sent down both the disease and the cure. And He has created a cure for every disease.” Hz. Muhammad peace be upon him

The main point we want to point out here is “people get sick”. In this case, since no one can know when their death will occur, they must be treated. Otherwise, they would put their own lives in danger, and this is a right against one’s own body. What we really want to say is that no one has a magic wand.

However, physicians have sought treatment methods for diseases throughout the ages. This search took them to nature. As a result of this search, a 10 thousand year old corpus and the system we call “natural medicine” have emerged. However, in the last hundred years, an uncontrolled mentality that sees itself as superior to everything else has virtually pushed natural medicine aside. These words of mine are not just written words. The best example of what medicine can cause if it is not controlled is the years of World War II.

In his work “Medicine and National Socialism”, Werner F. Kümmel revealed that doctors and medical professionals, who were toys in the hands of the Nazis, paved the way for a terrible crime against humanity such as Eugenics. According to this mentality that pursues a superior racial mentality, individuals with hereditary diseases, individuals with psychological disorders, individuals with mental retardation, individuals with physical disabilities should be excluded from society – sterilized and eventually destroyed! Those who put this inhumane idea into practice are doctors and chemists!

In my second book, we will examine all the details of this issue and how medicine has been turned into a weapon against people, together with researcher and author Cem Koç.

This is how uncontrolled individuals, who do not recognize any moral rules, have used medicine against humanity, and this is neither the first nor the last. For these reasons, it should be underlined that everyone working in the medical field, from nurses to professors and doctors, is an ordinary person. So, are we against technological developments and modern medicine? Never! On the contrary, we are and will continue to use the opportunities offered to us by modern medicine and technology.

Moreover, it is a big lie that Muslims are far from science and research. In my first book, A Dream of Natural Medicine, I explained that Al-Zahrawi’s inventions are still used today and that his name is remembered with respect in the West:

“The great scholar Al-Zahrawi, who was born in 936 in the Islamic State of Andalusia, on the borders of today’s Spain, is the inventor of many techniques and instruments that continue to be used in modern medicine. His thirty-volume work called Et-Tasrif became the handbook of physicians throughout Europe for many years, and it was not possible for a person who did not read or know this work to practice medicine at that time. While Al-Zahrawi was inventing surgical instruments, he was also performing surgeries with these instruments. It should be underlined that at that time, while the diseased part of the body was mostly cauterized or cut away, Zehravi could perform surgeries.

He was such a genius that he destroyed the medical curriculum of Galen of Pergamon, who was considered the Western master of medicine, and brought a brand new perspective. Many conscientious Western historians and medical experts have determined that Galen could not even have been an apprentice to Al-Zahrawi, and stated this clearly in their articles. Again, the author of the world’s first medical encyclopedia (Kitabu’t-Tasrif) is al-Zahravi.

El-Zehravi is the inventor of many operational and surgical instruments, including hand tools used in ophthalmology surgery, instruments used in surgical operations on the spine and lower back, instruments used in ear, nose and throat surgery, and instruments used in dental treatment. Al-Zahrawi is the inventor of many surgical instruments used by dentists even today.”

In the light of all this information, our main goal is to make people say “I’m glad to have you” and to stand one step ahead in this age where everyone tries to be a copy of each other and the steps of those who are considered great are followed.

Our difference is sincerity, self-conceit and providing healing to God’s servants with the blessings of nature created by God.

We will continue to read, stay different and advance in this branch of science without exaggerating ourselves or showing too much humility.

Natural Medicine Specialist E. Hülya Giebel