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Immune System and Natural Medicine Cures

Immune System and Natural Medicine Cures

Immune System and Natural Medicine Cures

The Importance of Natural Medicine Therapies in Strengthening the Immune System

The human body was created perfectly. The defense system of the perfectly created body is the immune system. In order for a person’s body to remain healthy, what it basically needs to do is to keep its immunity strong. Although infectious diseases as old as human history seem simple, they can cause situations that can result in death when body resistance is low. Microbes that cause infection (the general name given to viruses, parasites and bacteria is microbe) can bring irreparable diseases to the body when they detect weaknesses in the body’s immune system. Cells and proteins in the body interact with each other and as a result of this interaction, they activate the defense system against microbes in the body. Simply put, the immune system can be described this way.

While all the cells that make up our immune system have the chance to develop from a common stem cell in the bone marrow, these developing cells form our immune system with proteins distributed throughout our body. The main task of this system in our body is to fight foreign microbes that can cause diseases, but also to destroy dead or damaged cells in our body. It was created so perfectly that this system separates foreign substances and molecules entering the body into tissues after identifying them. After decomposition, it destroys harmful substances. If we need to describe the magnificence of this separation process in the immune system, it will be enough to take a look at the level of sensitivity. When distinguishing between substances entering the body, it can easily distinguish even proteins and amino acids that are incredibly similar to each other. At the same time, it protects the perfect system in the body from being damaged.

Our body, in a sense, has the power to repair itself while maintaining its health with the immune system. When the body’s defense system encounters harmful microbes, it goes into alarm and activates the immune system. Certain cells become defensive against these microorganisms that are perceived as harmful. If the immune system has encountered and fought against the harmful microorganism before, it reacts much faster and stronger. This process is called acquired immunity in medicine. When faced with harmful microbes, the immune system creates antibodies to respond and fights with these antibodies. When the body encounters the microbe it has encountered before, this time our immune system works to prevent the body from getting sick as it did the first time.

This system, designed to protect our body, can only be defeated by human intervention, as is the case with all perfect systems in nature. In other words, almost all diseases occur due to unhealthy and unbalanced nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle, not getting enough sleep, and the use of substances harmful to health.

Factors That Negatively Affect the Immune System

not doing sports

Exceeding the ideal weight

Alcohol and smoking

Sleep less

Living a stressful life

Not complying with cleaning rules (washing hands, face and mouth)

Strengthen Your Immune System with Natural Medicine Cures!

As a Natural Medicine Specialist, in my opinion, the cornerstone of keeping the immune system balanced is having a healthy digestive system. It is vital to have a balanced, adequate and healthy diet to keep the intestinal flora in balance. In addition to blood count, micronutrients that determine blood quality should be checked twice a year and deficiencies should be made up. Micronutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.

The general approach of natural medicine experts is to treat each individual individually, rather than giving the same medicine for every disease. Just as not every person has the same physical characteristics, not every individual’s immune system and body are the same. For this reason, we, natural medicine experts, specifically examine the body and health condition and prescribe specially prepared cures and chemical-free natural medicine medicines for each individual. At Hülya Giebel Health Center, instead of prescribing ready-made vitamin capsules to strengthen the immune system, we specifically examine your values and offer health cures completely tailored to you.

I wish you healthy days…

Natural Medicine Specialist – E. Hülya Giebel

Wassenberg 20.11.2022