Our Therapies

Natural medicine is not an alternative to medicine, but the roots of the medicine tree. The most important feature of natural medicine therapies is that they contain a holistic approach and do not leave any side effects in the body.

Joint Fluid Injection

Scenar Therapy

Ozone Therapy

MER – Myofascial Energetic Release

BBTR – BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release

CST – Cranio-Sacral Therapy


Natural Cell Supplement

Magnetic Field Therapy

Activ Wave Regeneration Therapy

Carboxy Therapy

Next Generation Health Screening

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How does a naturopathic practitioner benefit you?

Nutrition Strategy

It gives healthy eating strategies for both body and mind.

Exercise Routines

It helps you make body care and regular exercise plans.

Individual Support

It follows closely by determining treatment methods specific to you only.

Hülya Giebel Health Center

Those Who Recover Their Health With Our Therapy Sessions

I am very satisfied with Hülya's approach and treatment process.

Tumor Treatment (Chest) Gülcan Aktaş - Belgium

Although I had concerns before the treatment process started, natural medicine therapies became our source of happiness as a family.

Autism Kerim Barut - Holland

Sometimes the solution is not far away. Thank you Hulya...

Chronic Gastritis İbrahim Biber - Germany

Articles & Announcements

In addition to treating, the physician is also obliged to transfer his knowledge. You can find real information about natural medicine by reading the articles I wrote for you.

Our YouTube Channel

You can access all interviews, informative contents and announcements of Natural Medicine Specialist Hülya Giebel on our YouTube channel.