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Did Turks Discover Acupuncture?

Did Turks Discover Acupuncture?

Did Turks Discover Acupuncture?

Research and debates continue in scientific circles about who invented acupuncture, which is one of the most established therapies of natural medicine and whose origins are as old as human history, according to research. However, Dr., who is known for his in-depth research on this subject and is also competent in the science of acupuncture. Yusuf Ziya Leventoğlu has produced very striking evidence to reveal that acupuncture was discovered by the Turks. The following sentences about the history of acupuncture by Yusuf Ziya Leventoğlu, whom we know as an academic acupuncture physician, are extremely important:

“Acupuncture has a history of approximately 5300 years. A stone needle was found during excavations in the Duo Lun Qi ruins in Inner Mongolia in 1963. Archaeologists and medical history experts agree that the stone needle carved from jade with sharpened tips, thought to date back 4 thousand years ago, is the first acupuncture needle “Bianshi”.

Upon examination, it was determined that the writings on this stone needle belonged to the ancient Uyghur Turks. Inscriptions written in Uyghur letters showing acupuncture points on the body were found in the town of Idikut, the ancient Uyghur capital, near Turfan City in East Turkestan. Also M.S. Two bronze statues thought to date back to the 50th year also support these claims.

The fact that these two bronze statues resemble the Uyghur Turks more than the Chinese, and that the only civilization that could be shaped into bronze at that time was the Uyghur Turks, is proof that acupuncture was first applied and trained by the Uyghur Turks. These two bronze statues are exhibited in the Museum of Chinese Medical History, Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Archaeologist Kurban Veli and Dr. Uyghur Turks who continue to work on this subject. Nimet Reşidi.

Moreover; In 1991, a body called Ötzi / Iceman, who was found to have lived 5300 years ago, was found on the Italian-Austrian border of the Alps. 47 tattoos were detected on the ice man. “The tattoos of the ice man, who was found to have problems in his joints during the examinations, corresponded to the body acupuncture points used in joint treatment, and these tattoos were seen to be in the form of Turkish motifs.”

Also Dr. Yusuf Ziya Leentoğlu summarizes that acupuncture was also used by Islamic scholars and the Ottoman Empire as follows:

“Avicenna talked about the energy channels or meridians in the body, which have an important place in acupuncture, and used them in acupuncture diagnosis. When Ibn Sina fell ill, he treated himself with bone needles until his last days.”

He illustrated some acupuncture points (P6 and Lu9) in the book that Şerafettin Sabuncuoğlu gifted to Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1465. In his hometown of Amasya, he treated muscle spasms using chicken bone needles. (Source)


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