Boel’s Modern Acupuncture Therapies (MAB)

Danish-origin Prof Dr John Boel was not taken seriously in the medical world in 1983 when he began to investigate which diseases acupuncture, which has a special place among natural medicine treatments, would be a source of healing. However, after 10 years of detailed work, Boel, who managed to develop a model called AcuNova, is now considered a master in acupuncture in many countries including Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Belgium and the United States of America. Prof Boel, who has trained thousands of acupuncturists and taught his own methods to date, gave a great honor to Prof Boel in Denmark in 2007, where they adopted the University of Acupuncture as the basis of the curriculum. Although the idea of ​​using acupuncture against eye diseases did not appeal to many people at first, Doctor Boel was able to eliminate prejudices by applying it wonderfully. Considering that there are more than ten thousand eye diseases, of course, acupuncture cannot be expected to be a remedy for every eye disease, but the benefits of the MAB acupuncture model are accepted as an undeniable fact all over the world in cases where the eye has low vision or damage.

The Modern Acupuncture Model developed by Prof Dr John Boel is quite different from the acupuncture literature applied before it and covers 10 different techniques. This model, which has been proven to be effective and effective on illnesses and illnesses, has also brought the “Best Acupuncturist of the Year” award to Prof Dr John Boel. Many people have been healed for centuries thanks to needles applied with different methods on meridians, which have been discovered by the masters of acupuncture, whose origins date back to 5 thousand years in ancient Chinese medical sources. In the MAB (Modern Acupuncture Nach Boel) system, the acupuncture needles applied to the meridians on the joints discovered by John Boel stimulate the patient’s nervous system and send warnings to the brain and thus the region or organ of the disease begins to fight against the disease.

MAB (Modern Acupuncture Nach Boel) is now applied in Hülya Giebel Health Center. As a result of the training I received from experts and trainers around the world, I managed to obtain a qualification certificate. You can contact and request an appointment for all eye diseases.