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Hülya Giebel

Alternative and Holistic Health Specialist Emine Hülya Giebel

Hülya Giebel Health Center is a specialist center specialized in individual health development with its wide academic and professional infrastructure. Founder E. Hülya Giebel is authorized by the Federal Ministry of Health of Germany, but Heilpraktiker gem. Serves as HPA (Natural Health Specialist).

Especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cell Therapies, Homeopathy, Ortemolecular Therapies and Cellular Detox and Structuring is very successful in carrying out studies on Giebel, using modern technologies to take advantage of natural treatment methods pioneer prevention of diseases.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is a method of treating with medicaments obtained using more traditional native plants. It is a treatment method applied to patients’ relaxation, strengthening of immune system and improvement of psychology when modern medical science is not sufficient for causes and treatment of disease.

Holistic Medicine

“It is not possible to heal the piece without all the good.” In holistic medicine developed based on the understanding of the disease, the processes that make people sick are determined before how the disease is treated. The causes of the disease rather than the course of the disease are questioned. Individuals are directed to much more specific treatment methods.

Being healthy is the first condition for success in the fight for life.

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